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To our valued Employees, Contractors and Customers

We are writing to advise you of Team Transport & Logistics’ ongoing response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and let you know we have been actively monitoring the situation with the paramount goal of protecting the health, safety and well-being of our employees, contractors, customers, partners and wherever we can in our local community.  Our evolving updated business practices will help prevent this virus spreading further and whilst we are taking additional measures to protect us all, we also wish to minimise disruption and any impact on our business, your business, the economy and community in general.

Our Senior Management Team have spent each waking hour since this virus made it’s introduction to the world an absolute priority to be on top of any potential issues that may arise due to
COVID-19.   We have been proactive in our approach and commenced quite early on our BCP and following all advice issued from health officials and the Australian Government.

The following procedures are in place:

We have advised our employees, contractors, customers, suppliers and published openly if they experience any flu-like symptoms or believe that they have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus as specified by the Australian Department of Health, they are to advise us immediately and seek medical advice.

We have restricted visitors and non-essential meetings in our workplace.  Some of our employees are working remotely, and we have split the rest of the team op over different worksites.  These worksites are all interconnected so you will always reach whoever you are looking for.

We have advised all our employees and contractors to practice safe hygiene and follow the advice of health officials together with issuing hygiene posters and information sheets for their offices, warehouses and working spaces.

Visitors to any Team Transport Depot or Warehouse will be requested to answer a wellness health check and to use hand sanitiser should they require restricted access to our premises.

If any Team Transport employees or contractors are concerned about any customers or any of our own people being unwell, they are to contact senior management to discuss the situation.  All we want to achieve is to provide safe health practices for all parties involved to ensure we prevent the spread of this virus.

Team Transport & Logistics are committed to continue with our approach of “Business as usual”
however, if containment measures of COVID-19 escalate we will implement further action if necessary at that time.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Warm Regards
Kylie Wilkinson
Team Transport & Logistics

See our updates at https://teamtransport.com.au/news/