A Guide to Logistics Vehicles

A Guide to Logistics Vehicles

Team Transport and Logistics have created this comprehensive and straightforward guide for our clients to help them understand the different types of logistics vehicles that we use here, how they are used, and which industries benefit from them the most. The experienced and qualified staff at Team Transport and Logistics offers a wide range of logistics vehicles and expert drivers for hire, and this makes us the one-stop-shop for your company’s logistics solutions. We have been in the transport industry for more than 30 years, and over that time, we have earned our reputation as market leaders in Brisbane and throughout Australia. Feel free to contact us online today and learn more.

Taxi Trucks for Hire

At Team Transport and Logistics, we offer hourly hire for taxi trucks as well as express and permanent hire. By keeping our fleet of taxi trucks ready to go throughout the Brisbane metropolitan area, we have set the industry benchmark for turnaround times on taxi truck services. Whether you need an envelope delivered or an 8-metre piece of steel, we will always have a vehicle ready and waiting to carry it express, wherever it needs to go. You will also be hiring our expert transport drivers because we cover all bases here. Our hourly hire service operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Semi-Trailer Hire

Our extensive semi-trailer hire fleet will ensure the transport of your goods both efficiently and with experienced operators. Based in Brisbane, our semis run locally, statewide, and Australian-wide. Moreover, all our vehicles are available on-demand or for permanent hire and are equipped with GPS to ensure the traceability of your goods.


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Hire Utes

Whether you’re moving home, delivering furniture, or you require transport and haulage for your business, we provide excellent utes for hire at competitive prices.

Crane Truck Hire

Consider a truck-mounted crane for your construction or mining business and choose a fleet of efficient drivers that will do your job in half the time. Crane truck hire is available with Team Transport and Logistics for even the most demanding operations. Our fleet includes front and rear-mounted crane trucks, including brands such a DAF, Scania, Fuso and Isuzu, all fitted with Palfinger cranes. These crane trucks make it easy to transport a wide range of freight to your site with little to no setup.

Forklift Truck Hire

Our team also has a fleet of trucks with forklifts mounted on the rear of the trailer for perfect end-to-end transport. We provide all necessary forklift vehicles to your site, such as a lift truck, electric forklift or forklift truck for your construction, architecture or mining industry service. Our fleet of forklift trucks and lift trucks can carry up to 22 tonnes of freight, with a forklift capacity of 1.7 tonnes. If your job needs to move palletised loads such as tiles, scaffolding, bricks and masonry, our electric forklifts and forklift truck rentals are the ideal solution.

Heavy Haulage Transport

When it comes to heavy haulage transport, from oversize trucks to tri-axle and quad-axle vehicles capable of hauling up to 70 tonnes, you can count on this machinery-moving company for the best results. Get in touch with us now for your heavy haulage needs.

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May 10, 2022

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