Common Mistakes Made by Logistics Companies

Common Mistakes Made by Logistics Companies

Without the experience and expertise of professionals such as Brisbane’s Team Transport and Logistics, your logistics and transport company may be prone to common mistakes and errors in the supply chain management or the 3PL duties. Some of the most common mistakes made by inexperienced and low-quality shippers include poor packaging, ineffective logistics courier tracking, improper weighing, and weak supply chain protocols. If your business needs a 3PL team, then speak to the experts at Team Transport and Logistics. We are an expert team of logistics professionals who work hard to maintain a clean track record of global shipping, using multiple transport routes and high quality, tried and tested processes.

Poor Packaging

At the beginning of the shipping process, a common mistake is poor packaging. If your logistics company is new in the field or has never shipped items or stock like yours before, then packaging could be your financial downturn. You do not want your stock improperly packaged, as this could lead to stock breakages, financial loss and customs delays.

Ineffective Logistics Courier Tracking0

Courier tracking is vital to know where your product is located if there will be any delays when it arrives and ensure that it is not lost in the system. Many 3PL warehouse parties are simply not up to date with the latest tracking technology, which could harm your business. At Team Transport and Logistics, we understand your ongoing concern for the valuable cargo you trust us with. For complete transparency, we offer the latest updates in technology so you can experience real-time tracking reports throughout the entire process.


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Improper Weighing and Discrepancies

Weighing items incorrectly and not having tried and tested processes in play could mean higher costs than expected, packaging faults, and shipping delays.

Weak Supply Chain Protocols

When you choose a 3PL warehouse or a freight forwarder in Australia, you trust the company to take care of supply chain management and expect the protocols they have in place to be reliable. With inexperienced or new logistics companies, these processes and protocols may have many discrepancies and may not be up to standard. At Team Transport and Logistics, we pride ourselves on our supply chain management and proven track record.

Choose a Transport Company With Experience in Logistics

If you and your company need a professional, reliable, and experienced logistics company to help you ship out stock or transport goods, you should consider choosing the industry professionals who work hard to avoid these common mistakes.

Feel free to contact Team Transport and Logistics online now or head here to secure your free quote for any service you may be interested in.

May 25, 2022

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