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Well Joe Hockey delivered the Budget and I’m still neither here nor there when it comes to figuring out whether the current government in power has got it right and whether it was fair to all.

So many of us more so than ever have an opinion on the matter whether we are right or left supporters.  I’m pretty sure the numbers are irrelevant to most and people were looking more for an overall meaning of the budget and how is it fair for “ME”.  Mr Hockey addressed the “Fair” issue nine times in his budget speech so he knew that’s what the majority were saying.  He ended his speech describing the budget as responsible, measured and fair.

My two cents on the matter is that I will always look for the positive in whatever hand I’ve been dealt and even if it’s a jack ten unsuited I will always be optimistic and treat it like an ace king suited; that’s just me!  There will always be winners and losers but I am encouraged that confidence in small Aussie businesses will slowly increase and hopefully stimulate the economy and unleash a heap of jobs.

So back to transport, I got off track there for a minute (I do this often) we are now heavily invested in the year and it is amazing how fast the year is flying by.  The typical Brisbane winter is starting to set upon us with brisk morning and afternoons and beautiful days!

There are a lot of exciting things happening around the place and quite a few projects on the books.  Late last month we moved 4 x 65 tonne compressors (beasts) up to Miles with ease.


Great job to all involved!  These types of projects are just a walk in the park for us.

Talking about “beasts” our two indoor cricket teams;
Teamsters” and the “A-Team” are now well and truly into the swing of things.

Team Transport & logistics employee ross shiner

It took a while for the teams to secure their first wins but once they did they started flowing in. Biggest win to date; 111-24 two weeks ago.

There have been a number of injuries so the boss has suggested we sponsor a lower impact/contact sport such as “soccer” haha!

It’s just like our very own “Survivor” show on a Monday night!  With a fractured eye socket, two broken ribs and a black eye plus plenty of bumps and bruises, there is no shortage of banter on a Tuesday morning to see who survived the game the night before.

Here are a couple of neat pics of one of our boys in our Kenworths moving a CAT 740 locally last week.  These babies are impressive machines and as CAT says, they are certainly “BUILT FOR IT”!


Reminder we also have a neat Super Tilt available for all your heavy equipment moves!


Team have had a very focused and committed stance on safety and are continually striving for better results.  We believe that mediocre is just not good enough and being compliant and meeting legislation are the basics.  We often notice how competitors ‘TALK THE TALK’ but are finding more often they rarely ‘WALK THE WALK’.  The candid truth is that there is a lot of empty talk in health and safety, especially in the transport industry.  We know that the majority of Australian workers are in SME workplaces — most do not have much time or interest in health and safety.  We understand that people have other issues to worry about however we must never forget a basic principle and that is “Everyone at work is someone’s child.”

We at Team require more of ourselves and are innovative in our approach to safety.  We have a dedicated team that have been able to improve our safety culture and reduce incidents from sheer hard work and devotion to the process.  We do ‘WALK THE WALK’ and we certainly pride ourselves on going above and beyond in the name of safety for our Team, our families, our communities and you.  The harsh reality folks are that poor work health and safety practices ends in our nation’s workers having no opportunity to grow old!  Thousands of lives are cut short due to incidents in the work place; I say incident, not accident.  The majority of workplace deaths and injuries are preventable as they are not accidents.  This is the philosophy we follow not because legislation tells us to but because it’s the right thing to do.


Here is a snippet of a letter we received just recently from David Dunster at Right Products – Business Skills, Safety & Compliance.  It’s this type of random feedback we get quite often that our “Team” are very proud of.  Hard work does pay off!

Good Afternoon,

I’m currently working with Gail & Wayne at **** **** and have been running through an audit with them of their Work Practices and Procedures across all areas and they showed me your Induction Handbook.

This is an awesome publication and I just wanted to congratulate you and your team for the quality, clarity and detail that you’ve gone to. I work with many organisations (even Queensland Tissue Products across the road from you) and your handbook is brilliant – the best I’ve ever seen.

Do you give your team an Induction card when they’ve completed your Induction? I’ve started suggesting this with all clients as it gives each client you are working with another level of professionalism and compliance which they wouldn’t expect. It also helps if they haven’t done a specific client Induction (e.g. Coates) – especially when needing to engage different drivers.

My email is simply to say congratulations – there is no other intent. You’ve done really well with what can be a nightmare.  If you could allow me a copy of your Induction Handbook it will be used as a reference only as it demonstrates exactly what is required under legislation.


David Dunster AFAIM
Right Products – Business Skills, Safety & Compliance.
RABQSA Qualified – Continually Improving Auditing Standards of Excellence.
PO Box 2113
Sunnybank Hills Qld Australia 4109
0408 741 039

Here are a few pics of our boys at last months “Safety In Action Expo” Brisbane.


Also forgot to mention – MAD MAX FURY ROAD is now on at the cinema!  I am excited to see it and I’m a big fan of Mad Max and looking forward to Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron in this new post-apocalyptic version.. I’ll be seeing it this weekend!


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