Good afternoon everyone

As we all grapple with the coronavirus and our daily lives are altered, our nation’s truck drivers are among those who are risking their personal health and doing the hard work to keep things moving.  This journey is going to require some stamina but I believe we will find that strength in each other.  The impact of this pandemic is indiscriminate and many parts of our lives have been upended.  These repercussions are starting to become very ‘in your face’ and I think we’re only just beginning to realise the repercussions this may bring for the health of our people and the future economy across Australia and the globe.

It has certainly been a very challenging time for us all and I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to everyone in our Team whether they are working from home, working from one of our offices, warehouses or our mechanical workshop; but most importantly a special ‘thank you’ to our wonderful drivers.  They are the backbone of our company and we will support them as best we can.  What I can say is I appreciate each and every one of them and they need to know how grateful we are for them.

Along with our wonderful drivers; the frontline medical teams working within our health system are doing an amazing job.  We also cannot forget the UBER delivery guys, the cops, the ambo’s, the dedicated childcare workers and teachers as well as our wonderful grocery team members, fast food outlets, takeaway shops, pharmacy staff and for goodness sake don’t forget the workers at the bloody bottlo’s and drive-thru’s (I’d be in real trouble if they were not considered essential haha).

There are so many others I can’t obviously name all of them but together we are just trying to get through the days and whatever is ahead of us but understand we are supported.  If you can say thank-you to someone for serving you please do it, they need to hear it.  I will be forever thankful to all those out there doing vital work to keep our Cities, States and wonderful Country functioning.  Remember not all heroes wear capes – some just wear a high vis shirt, an apron or have a bottle of spray’n’wipe in their hands.

As we weather this storm together, let’s remember to take pride in our incredible industries and the crucial impact it has on economies big and small.  Thank you for your service.  Let us all play our part in this national effort.

Stay Safe Everyone and look after each other.

Kylie Wilkinson
Team Transport & Logistics

April 3, 2020

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