The coronavirus pandemic continues to escalate and we would like to update you with some further information about our DC operations and entry to sites.  Please note that the situation is changing rapidly and the information that we provide at this current time may change by later in the week.

To add to our directive yesterday regarding third party contractors entering our DC’s that have travelled out of NSW or VIC to complete the Team Transport COVID-19 Wellness Check it is now mandatory that ANY Drivers who have been through Victoria and Sydney over the past 14 days must complete the standard wellness check prior to entry and also MUST wear masks when visiting our sites.  Drivers will also be asked to declare where they have been on arrival at site.

Please note that all pick-ups and deliveries to any of our sites there is a strict “NO PERSONAL CONTACT RULE”.  All drivers are to remain clear of staff and from each other.
Drivers must remain either in their vehicle whilst waiting, or in the driver exclusion zones whilst loading / unloading operations are underway.

NO INTERSTATE DRIVERS are to enter our DC offices.

Unfortunately at this time our staff can no longer assist interstate drivers with gates / curtains / restraints at our DC’s, as this is also a potential COVID risk.

This is an evolving situation that is likely to continue for some time. We will endeavour to keep you updated with what is happening and let’s all please do the right thing for the sake of our families and community.


Team Transport Management Team

July 30, 2020

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