Impact of Covid-19 on Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation

Impact of Covid on Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation

The impact of Covid-19 on supply chains, supply chain management, and logistics has undoubtedly been severe. Still, it has pushed transport companies to innovate and find new ways of increasing efficiency and reliability. Namely, automation of systems, the rise of AI and a sustainability focus have become priorities for the logistics industry and the leaders at Team Transport and Logistics. Research shows that the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated pre-existing issues in the supply chain and brought priorities such as visibility, resilience and digitisation to the forefront. While some sectors were hit hard by disruption, companies such as Team Transport and Logistics focused on how we could be leading the way to a more streamlined logistics industry in Australia. Contact our team online to learn more about how we can help you and your business in this new, more digitalised era.

Automation and Technology

A significant response to the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic is an increase in automation in logistics systems, automated freight systems tracking for transportation, and freight and better technology to streamline supply chains. Automation is taking hold of the transportation and logistics sector, and technologies such as blockchain, robotics, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing facilitate solutions. These solutions range from automated warehousing and logistics to autonomous vehicles and tracking systems. At Team Transport and Logistics, we are one of the leading transport companies working hard to automate our services wherever we can. From advanced freight systems tracking to keeping stock of your product in our warehouses, we can organise the shipments of your goods from the manufacturer to the final point of distribution with ease.

The Rise of Artificial IntelligenceEngineer or worker man using a smartphone wearing mask and safety yellow helmet to protection for coronavirus in during concern about covid pandemic.

Throughout the pandemic, there has been a more significant push towards Artificial Intelligence systems and how the industry can harness AI to move forward, automate systems, and increase efficiency in the supply chain. The industry can use AI to drive scale and efficiency through new distribution models, including direct supply to the consumer, subscription services, digital tracking of all goods and products, warehouse organisation, transport tracking and automated delivery systems. AI harnesses the automation in the entire supply chain ecosystem by improving interconnectivity across customers, partners, and suppliers.



Sustainability Focus for Freight Forwarders

In the current industry, sustainability, eco-friendly practices, and environmentally friendly materials and processes are also at the forefront of Australia and worldwide. In most industries, sustainability is a big focus, and every one your company involved themselves with must have sustainable practices in mind. At Team Transport and Logistics, we are constantly working towards more sustainable practices, reduced waste, improved efficiency, and processes within our internal management that are eco-conscious. For the company’s future to be sustainable, so must be the practices and, together, we can work towards a greener, brighter future for all involved.

How Team Transport and Logistics Are Leading the Way

As a leading transport company, Team Transport and Logistics professionals are dedicated freight forwarders and logistics consultants devoted to automation, AI improvement, and sustainable practices. Request a free quote for any service in which you and your business are interested, or give us a call today to learn more.

July 10, 2022

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