Advantages of a Truck Mounted Crane

Advantages of a Truck Mounted Crane

Team Transport & Logistics has an entire and fantastic fleet of crane trucks to meet the needs of even the most complex operations. Our fleet includes DAF, Scania, Fuso and Isuzu front and rear-mounted crane trucks fitted with Palfinger cranes. These excellent vehicles make it easy to transport a wide range of freight types directly to your site, with little to no setup or assembly required. A truck mounted crane is when you fit a crane to a ute or a truck, giving those resources extra value. It offers a far more flexible solution than a fixed crane or additional machinery (such as a forklift) to unload materials. The cranes can be operated from inside or outside the vehicle, and the latter itself can be moved by anyone with the correct driver’s license.

Crane Trucks Have Greater Flexibility

Crane trucks offer greater flexibility than conventional, immobile cranes, which require support pads. This means that they are easier to travel to challenging sites and can be used by a wide range of industries with these challenges, such as the construction industry, the mining industry and the defence industry.

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A Truck Crane Can Transport Heavy Materials

A truck crane or vehicle-mounted cranes can also transport heavy materials over the crane itself without requiring more machinery to unload the vehicle. This saves your company on extra machinery costs and allows the project to be accomplished more efficiently, with great safety and higher speed. A traditional crane, by comparison, is unable to transport heavy materials and requires a separate heavy loader.

Cut Down Pick-Up and Delivery Times

Crane trucks also minimise pick-up and delivery times of anything you may be transporting because, as discussed, the piece of machinery is essentially a two-for-one. At Team Transport and Logistics, we have more than 75 crane trucks in our fleet, allowing us to offer a suitably configured vehicle for any services that you require. Moreover, we have crane trucks varying in tray length from 6 metres to up to 21-metre extendable semi-trailers.

Easily Load and Unload

When it comes to bringing versatility to your fleet of work machinery, truck-mounted cranes offer viable solutions for not only cutting down on pick-up and delivery times. For instance, they also grant your transportation truck the ability to quickly load and unload without the need for additional lifting equipment. We also offer reliable, responsible and fully licensed personnel to operate the crane trucks, should you require it, so you don’t need to worry about hiring internally.

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February 25, 2022

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