Fork Mounted Trucks

Team Transport have a fleet of trucks with forklifts mounted on the rear of the trailer. Fork-mounted vehicles provide you with an end-to-end transport solution, with one vehicle and driver to load the vehicle at pick-up, transport and unload on site. This means that you don’t have to organise on-site loading/unloading facilities!  Our fleet of body fork trucks and semi-trailer forks carry up to 22 tonne with a fork-lift capacity of 1.7 tonne. These trucks are ideal for transporting and lifting tiles, scaffold, bricks, masonry and any palletised load.

Our ongoing commitment to provide services & equipment best suited to our customer’s needs has seen some new & exciting additions to our fleet.  As a further safety initiative the Moffetts are remotely operated for loading & unloading; removing any working-at-heights risks.  DAF Prime mover Semi trailers capable of carrying 18-20 pallets spaces & 22 Tonne load capacity have also expanded our fleet and services, similarly fitted with a Moffett M5.

A brand new DAF CF85 8×4 with an 8 metre tray and 13 Tonne load capacity has been added to our fleet. It is equipped with a Moffett M5 capable of loading / unloading 2 tonnes from one side of vehicle – perfect for sites with limited access or 2.5 Tonnes when access to both sides of the truck are available.

Our forklifts are suitable for rough terrain and have fewer restrictions regarding access requirements. Try out our fork fleet; you’ll be amazed at the convenience, cost efficiency and flexibility they can offer your company!

 It is our job every day to make your customer experience better than the day before…

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